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Our Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops to help you and/or your organization build the tools to enhance physical and mental well-being. Take a look at the different options below to find the one that's right for you.



Breathing Workshop

The phrase “take a deep breath” will have new meaning once event participants attend their first breathing workshop. Good breathing techniques can relieve stress, improve outlook and creativity, heighten focus and concentration, and restore energy and balance, all of which contribute to improved productivity and happiness.

Breathe Social staff starts the program with the physical aspects of breathing, how it changes in response to internal and external events, and why it is important to gain control of it.

We then go into breathing exercise sets that conclude with breath holds. These breath holds are meditative and practice and help with stress and anxiety levels. After we invite attendees to share how they felt during the breathing and subsequent hold.

Attendees of this hour-long workshop leave with stress reduction tools, a calmer mind, and lower anxiety levels. 


Cold Exposure Workshop

Cold exposure has both physical and mental benefits. Physically helping with inflammation, speeds up recovery, aids in fat burning, and improves sleep quality amongst other things. Mentally, it helps us with anxiety, boosts our mood, and helps with focus. 



The cold exposure workshop opens the door to this ancient method of self improvement. We set up ice baths, work on the logistics of ice, and create a peaceful environment to practice. Once we welcome your attendees, we go through the breathwork needed to get through a cold sit. We talk about attempting to find peace in stressful situations, and how that applies to our work lives. 


Once attendees are prepared, a few attendees at a time will do ice water sits for no longer than 1 min. The rest of the attendees support the ones that are going through the struggle. Almost always attendees feel rejuvenated and recharged after this workshop. 



Cold Exposure Team Building

The secret to team building events is for your team to share real, mutually shared experiences. The more unique or even difficult, the more people come together. Think about boot camps or a sports team's “hell week.”


Our Cold exposure team building workshops uses varying degrees of cold exposure to bring people together. We supply arm sized troughs and full body tubs for team building events. Additionally we interact with puzzles and games to make the event enjoyable. We end with both arm ice immersion (for those not willing to do the full body) and ice bath sits. 


The events are led by professional communication coaches that can help teams through blockages in real time. The attendees leave our events with smiles on their faces and a more positive view of their company and co-workers. 


Yoga Workshop

In today's fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing stress are essential for our overall well-being and productivity. Our Yoga Workshops are designed to empower people with the tools and techniques to 


Workshop Highlights:

  • Yoga the Breathe Social Way: Often we hear our yoga is different, it isn’t “hippie” and there is lots of smiles and laughter.

  • Stress Management: Learn practical yoga and mindfulness techniques to reduce stress, enhance focus, and boost resilience.

  • Physical Well-being: Discover yoga postures and stretches to improve flexibility, posture, and reduce the risk of common injuries.

  • Mental Clarity: Explore meditation practices that sharpen mental clarity, creativity, and decision-making skills.

  • Breath Control: Understand the power of breath control (pranayama) in managing stress and maintaining composure during high-pressure situations.

  • Team Building: Engage in group yoga sessions that promote teamwork, cooperation, and camaraderie among colleagues.

  • Work-Life Balance: Discuss strategies to achieve a harmonious work-life balance, fostering long-term career satisfaction.

  • Customized Approach: We tailor the workshop to your company's unique needs, ensuring it aligns with your corporate culture and goals.

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