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A social event featuring an upbeat unique yoga, Wim Hof style breathing, and group cold exposure. Events will be located at prominent locations in the heart of Milwaukee! 

Each event is a 3 hour social highlighted by the activities of Yoga, Wim Hof style breathing, and small group cold exposure. The events will be held at Milwaukee landmarks. There will be between 100 & 200 people socializing and on the journey with you. We provide cold baths, music, infrastructure and instruction. You bring your yoga mat, a bathing suit, a towel, and an open mind. 


Breathe Social

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With Friends

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Yoga helps free the body, breathing helps calm the mind, and the cold challenges you to the core!
The event organizers met via a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camp years ago. Their friendship and deep appreciation for all 3 events of Breathe Social drive the desire to put on a great event. We hope you will De-stress with us!


Wim Hof

Cold Plunge

Green Suede



Joshua Janis

A Communication Coach for MyOdisee and a Brazillian Jiu Jitsu black belt. Josh has been expanding his lungs and helping people cold plunge for over 8 years! 

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Alan Titone

Alan connects with people via movement. Whether it be his booming yoga classes in Denver, CO or climbing a 14er. The mutually shared experience of movement, and his positive energy bring people together.

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Star yoga instructor Alan Titone flies in from Denver to share his style of yoga. Alans classes have ballooned in popularity because it blends popular music from across decades with an empathetic way of meeting the yogi where they are that day. It is fun, challenging, and unlike your guru's yoga. Alan laughs and cries with you as you make your way through the experience. 



 Breathing is the most important thing that we do each day however very rarely do we think about it. Breathing coach Joshua Janis bring our awareness to how we breath and will challenge us to find peace as we do it. If you battle stress each day, you do not want to miss the peace that is found during this time.



Almost certainly your social feeds have had a few crazy souls in it that you have been getting into ice baths. While you may have thought they were crazy, don't knock it until you try it. For centuries Men and Woman have been swimming into cold water. Due to modern science we now know it can be effective in treatment of chronic autoimmune inflammation, reduce hypercholesterolaemia by brown adipose tissue activation and have a positive effect on stress regulation.