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We provide opportunities for individuals and groups to find physical and mental balance

White Lotus Jiu Jitsu • BJJ Camps  •  Coaching •  Breath & Cold Exposure Events 


Jiu Jitsu

Dojo, BJJ Extended Weekend Camps

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an outlet for both physical and mental health. Our Jiu Jitsu home is named White Lotus and is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where we and our students practice the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. White Lotus as a dojo is operated by Black Belt Joshua Janis and Brown belt Meghan Wagner. From White Lotus we host 2 BJJ camps a year and also do online coaching

What separates us from others is our daily approach which breaks down into two points, the 3 P’s and multiple ways to learn. First, the 3 P’s are Painless, Precise, and Playful. Painless doesn’t mean easy, it means that we don’t need to put undue pressure on something we don’t truly have just to “win” that round with our teammate. Precise means that we need to understand what we are doing and apply it effectively. Playful means that we must move a lot to take in as much information as we can while in practice. The more information we have the better our decisions get. Second, we know that not everybody learns the same way. On Mondays we have positional sparring, on Wednesdays we have creativity in Jiu Jitsu, on Tuesdays we have open source advanced classes along with your traditional class style for beginners. Meghan and Joshua are always open to helping the individual student and don’t force them to learn a certain way. If this is in line with how you want to practice please reach out and see if our school, our camps, or our coaching are a fit for you! Also, bonus points if you already know what animated series we got inspiration for our dojo name!

 Breathing, Meditation and Cold Exposure

Breathe Social events, Corporate Seminars, Team Workshops 

What do breathing, Meditation, and cold exposure have in common? They are all great tools to balance yourself. 

 Breathing is the most important action each of us do each day. Interestingly enough, we spend little to no time learning how to do it effectively and efficiently. Due to his bout with asthma, Joshua became passionate about how to breathe. In events, seminars, and workshops Joshua teaches how to diaphragmatic breath, works through challenges that people have, and gives daily goals for people to continue the practice.

Mediation can be done in many different ways, all of which are beneficial. Joshua doesn’t “teach” meditation as much as discusses ways that you could meditate and works through people challenges with meditation. He believes that everyone's practice is theirs, and however they find peace in themselves is perfect. He is just there to assist with the various roadblocks people tend to make for themselves. Cold exposure has been a hugely successful tool in the fight against anxiety, ptsd, general sadness and a myriad of other challenges we face today. In Joshua’s opinion, cold exposure is a way to practice for high stress times. The cold imitates a stressful event. Your mind projects how awful it will be, you get in and that cold steals your ability to breath temporarily, your mind tells you that you need to get out! If you can find peace in the cold, you can find peace anywhere. The Breathe Social events, along with most seminars and workshops have all three of these tools involved. If you are interested in having Joshua do a seminar or workshop with your organization be sure to reach out!

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Life Coaching

Change Habits for Long Term Sucess

Would it be beneficial to have an objective partner focused on you? Can you get more out of life? Would having someone hold you accountable help you get things done? Do you want to change some of your habits? Do you need to talk some things out? Gentle art lifestyle coaches can help!

A good coach provides perspective. The client then uses this perspective, or additional information, to make well informed decisions in their life. What separates Gentle art lifestyle life coaching from others is our habit formation approach, our ability to really listen without judgment, our accountability app, and our martial arts backgrounds.

Our Mission

To share various ways of achieving physical & mental improvement

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