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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp

Spend your vacation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin learning jiu-jitsu &meeting new people!


February 14, 15 & 16 2025 

12+ Hours of BJJ

Daily Yoga

Wim Hof Focus

Organized Group Activities

Enjoy Milwaukee in Winter

Milwaukee is a city that cherishes its roots; you'll see revitalized architecture throughout downtown, and a parade of summer festivals celebrate the diverse cultures that made the city what it is today. But Milwaukee is also a city that's growing and changing. From major construction projects like a brand new arena and streetcar to the revival of streets and neighborhoods around the city, there's a new energy in the air.

Milwaukee, WI


Jump In Lake Michigan


Eat, Drink & Play 


Explore Downtown



Located at White Lotus Jiu Jitusu

700 sq feet mat space

Lotus Lounge to relax in 

Located in Walker's Point close to many bars and restaurants

Camp is ten minutes from the Milwaukee Airport

2024 Instructors

Josh 1a.jpg

Joshua Janis

BJJ Instructor

- From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

- BJJ black belt & head instructor at White Lotus Jiu Jitsu
-- 9 yrs instructing experience

- Guillotine specialist 
- Wim Hoff fanclub vice president

  • Instagram

Will Dorman

BJJ Instructor

- Third-degree black belt under Gustavo Machado

- Navy Special Operations veteran with 24 years of service

- Enjoys scaling some of the world's tallest peaks, sailing the open seas, and skydiving from up to 35,000 ft

- Sailed to the Arctic Circle, experiencing the unique thrill of witnessing the Northern Lights while onboard.

-Lover of squishmellows

  • Instagram
Rich sab 3.jpg

Rich Sab

BJJ Instructor

-From Saddle Brook, New Jersey

-BJJ Blackbelt 20+ Years of BJJ 

-Instructor at BJJ Globetrotters and BJJ Fanatics

-Fitness & Nutrition Coach

  • Instagram

Alan Titone

Yoga Instructor

-From Colorado, United States

-BJJ Blue Belt

-E-RYT Yoga Teacher

-guaranteed to have the shortest shorts at camp

-Podcaster: The Hunter & the Hippie

  • Instagram

Sarah Takushi

BJJ Instructor

-Black Belt out of American Top Team Atlanta.

-Light feather competitor in BJJ gi, nogi, and judo.

-Trained for ten years, taught for five.

-Has a BJJ game built around agility, flexibility, and sticky hooks.

-Amateur beekeeper, polyglot, and cyr wheel spinner.

Schedule & Guidebook

Saturday & Sunday are full training days

The training schedule and guidebook are released closer to the time of the camp.

Click here to see last year’s guidebook.

Last year's schedule is located below

The first training session will be on Friday afternoon, and the last one on Sunday afternoon.


Marcus Campbell 2022

"There were a lot of memorable moments for me. My favorite parts of camp are always those down moments: the conversations on the side of the mat, the exhausted “good shit, bro” in between rolls, the awkward moments between classes (or techniques) when everyone is equally lost, and the mumbled words strewn about while refueling. The standout moment was sitting down to share a potluck and seeing all the love being shared. Just a group of randoes sharing food. But not just food, companionship and kinship. Fantastic."

Camp Cost
Full Camp: $199
Saturday or Sunday Day Pass: $100   
Friday Day Pass: $50




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