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Competition Prep

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  • Online coaching designed to mentally prepare any level competitor. From beginner for their first competition to seasoned vets looking to have success at the next level

  • Actionable tools to dispel the fear and anxiety of competition and turn it into excitement, a good time, and a fantastic learning experience

  • A resource to pick a reasonable weight class, set expectations, make weight on time and stay healthy. Great for all ages.

  • Private lessons to work on sharpening techniques for your body type 

Daily Actions and Accountabiltiy

We have a one on one conversation with you on what you want and what needs to get accomplished before you compete. Based on that conversation, we give you small daily actions to hit your goal. All actions are easy to execute through the MyOdisee app.

Handling of Emotions 

It is common to be a gym killer but a competition dud. Fears, anxieties, and nerves are something that everybody has but few acknowledge. We can help you navigate your emotions and you will start to use them to your advantage.

Breathing and Stamina 

Are you in the right shape for competition? You may be closer than you think. We help you focus on your breathing thus increasing your cardio almost immediately. The better your cardio, the better you perform.

Healthy Weight Cuts

Weight cuts are a challenge for all level competitors. Just cutting water weight is not the most effective or safest route. Together we will help you pick the right division and get you to that weight for peak performance.

Gaming Planning for Your style

Every body is different. Every style is different. While we believe in playful movement to learn, when competing we have found having an understanding of what works for you is part of the recipe for success.

The Competition Switch 

The mental game of competition is a tough one to master. Many people get emotionally caught up in results and put on blinders to what needs to be addressed. We are your coach that helps you take in all the information then put your focus where it should be.

What Our Clients Say

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Were you able to manage expectations and the expectations of those supporting you?

5 out of 5 
This was difficult, I feel that for some people I fell short, for some people I did betteer than expected. To me, I did what I knew. I erased anxiety and expectations stepping onto the mat. I really enjoyed my time competing.


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Nick Lee

Nick is an experienced purple belt competitor with over 100 matches who also specializes in managing emotions as a certified personal enrichment coach with MyOdisee.

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Joshua Janis

Joshua is a black belt with 18+ years of BJJ experience and 10+ years of coaching. Josh travels with BJJ Globetrotters teaching around the world and has multiple BJJ Fanatics videos.

Competition Prep Pricing

(months before competition)

  • $150 for 1 Month

  • $275 for 2 Months

  • $350 for 3 Months

Private Lessons
(Done via zoom unless otherwise arranged)

Nick Lee-

$80/session or $200/3 pack


Joshua Janis-

$150/session or $400/ 3 pack


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