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Hello, I am Coach Adrienne

  • Earned multiple graduate-level degrees

  • NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • Yoga Alliance 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher

  • Gentle art lifestyle coach certified

  • Traveled to 24 countries

  • BJJ Brown Belt

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My Story

My path to coaching has been meandering and full of unexpected turns. I started my career with actuarial science, working with one of the top consulting companies right out of college. Afterwards, I transitioned to statistics and public health, earning a masters degree in statistics with an emphasis in biostatistics. I worked as a contractor at CDC with large survey data sets to inform research and improve the health and wellbeing of Americans.


A common thread running through my life has been the desire to use evidence-based approaches to help others and a love of jiu-jitsu. It’s hard to choose which I love more about jiu-jitsu: the feeling of solving a puzzle or the connections I get to make with others in the sport. With a background in statistics, I try to be analytical in my approach to coaching and training. I am always excited to learn more about both grappling and coaching and to apply those lessons as soon as I can. Teaching yoga at Globetrotters Jiu-Jitsu camps has afforded me the wonderful opportunity to train with others and make friends around the world.


I found that the athletes I coach want more than just sport-related information. I have taken graduate level courses in counseling and completed coaching training so I can support others achieve their goals of healthier, more fulfilling lifestyles.



  • Mental wellness

  • Physical wellness 

  • Life changes

  • Habit formation 


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