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What We Offer

Everybody's Jiu Jitsu journey is different. People start and stop, different body types, ages, athletic abilities, injuries, time availability etc. With Gentle Art Lifestyle coaching we take the individual BJJ practitioner and keep them progressing. 

While most online programs operate as a cookie cutter, one size fits all Jiu jitsu mill., we operate for the individual. We are all on a different BJJ journey and we are here to support yours.

Supported by the scientific and calculated approach of MyOdisee, The Gentle Art Lifestyle program helps you define your goals within the sport, create metrics to measure results based on your goals, and coaches you through the difficult times.

"My relationship with Jiu Jitsu is a lifelong one. Everybody has different goals within their journey. Because of my unique expertise in Culture building, habit formation and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I was able to build framework to help individuals hit their BJJ goals faster."


The Gentle Art Lifestyle program was created and curated by MyOdisee founder Joshua Janis. Joshua is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under the Helio Gracie lineage. He has been an instructor for his home dojo for 10+ years, is an instructor for BJJ Globetrotters, has two instructionals on BJJ Fanatics, and was a tournament competitor. The popularity of the Gentle Art Lifestyle camps led to the creation of this program housed in the MyOdisee framework.

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By Black Belt Joshua Janis

One on one discussions about your Jiu Jitsu goals. How to form them, how to hit them, and are they appropriate for you. Additionally, what to work on to move up the ranks.


Live Cirriculum


Goes beyond the traditional watch a video and figure it out. This weekly element encourages you to ask questions, be engaged and give yourself additional avenues to learn.

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Tangible Growth Devolpment

Gentle Art Lifestyle coaching uses a goal accountability support app from Myodisee that allows students to have access to metrics. These show progress for your specific goals and allows for online coaching where your individual questions can be answered



Analysis of your Game

Evaluation of your rolls. You send in video of live rolls and Joshua will suggest concepts to work on next. These include individualized lessons and breakdowns of specific techniques.

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