Labor Day Camp

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Joshua Janis

BJJ BlackBelt

BJJ Fanatics Instructor

BJJ Globetrotters Instructor 

Wim Hof Breathing aficionado 

Very Punny Jokes

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Excellent Coach

Excited to share! 

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Insert great BJJ mind

Can you guess who?


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Example Schedule

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Group Activities

Cribbage Tournament

If you don’t know what cribbage is, no worries, it is a card game that is very Wisconsin. We can teach you on the fly how to play this great game and your luck can take you the rest of the way. The top 3 participants win awesome BJJ related prizes. 



Depending on the weather we will do an all camp cookout every day. Primal has a big parking lot in the back which is perfect for a BBQ. I will supply all the ancillary stuff like plates, napkins, ketchup, chips etc. You provide any proteins you may want to throw on the barbie!
I also will supply Wisconsin beer and bottles of water for consumption free of charge. Anything else you would like to drink is on you. 


Cold Baths

Josh is a huge proponent of the Wim Hof method. We will bring in an ice chest and have ice bath options available for all. 


Open Mats

They are just that. Get a lot of rolling in, ask a coach about his class or do a private lesson with one of our coaches(charge is up to them, I stay out of it). The world is your oyster.


I can’t make all the days, are there single day passes? 

Yes! There are 5 single day passes for each weekend day. A single day pass is $125 and you much reach out to me (Josh) personally to buy as I have to keep close track of how many are sold. Use the footer below and I will get back to you asap.


Are there family discounts? 

For families of 4 or more I do offer a 20% discount on all tickets. Please see age restriction question below. 


Do I have to go to all of the classes? 

Nope, you can come and go as you please. In fact, if you want to leave a class to attend a different one it is completely normal. 


Can you video classes? 

Yes, in fact we do it for you. We know it is hard to take in all the information so we record it and put it on a google drive for you to access. 


What is the refund policy if something comes up? 

If you buy and cancel within 14 days of the event I refund your money minus any transaction fees from pay pal. If something comes up within 14 days I give you a voucher to use at a future camp. 


I am coming from out of town, where should I stay? 

Primal is centrally located at 2028 S 55th St, Milwaukee, WI 53214. There are plenty of Air bnb or hotels in the area. There are also local campers that don’t mind harboring a fellow camper if you ask! Don’t be shy, join the FB group and put it out there.


What is a lifestyle talk? 

It is an hour talk on literally any topic. Most of the time taught by other BJJ practitioners or campers that are passionate about something and want to share. If you are interested in doing a lifestyle talk email me and we can try to get you on the schedule! 


Is this event kids friendly? 

Teenagers are welcome. The caveat is the instructors will be teaching to an adult audience. I certainly don’t put limiters on if they swear or make Dad jokes. Also, people do drink and socialize. If you don’t care about those items rock on! 

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