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A social event featuring party yoga, Wim Hof style breathing, group cold exposure all in a positive and empathetic environment. 

Each event is a 3 hour social highlighted by the activities of Yoga, Wim Hof style breathing, and small group cold exposure. The events will be held at Milwaukee landmarks. There will be between 100 & 200 people socializing and on the journey with you. We provide cold baths, music, infrastructure and instruction. You bring your yoga mat, a bathing suit, a towel, and an open mind. 


 From dancing unicorns to flying tacos, we've got all the ingredients for an unforgettable night. So, grab your friends, dust off your dancing shoes, and join us for a night of pure mayhem and merriment. Who knows, you might even go home with a pet dragon (just kidding, we can't legally give those away). See you there!